Kinesio Tape

Rock Tape

Kinesiology Taping is a method of latex free taping that helps turn down the volume on pain, it also decompresses swelling and inflammation, delays fatigue, normalizes muscle tone, and distributes physical stress.

Magic Tape

Some clients who have experienced the tape refer to it as “Magic Tape” because pain can be eradicated instantly! The kinesiology tape, specifically RockTape, runs an “interference” on the pain receptors in your brain and when the receptors for pain are altered it no longer produces the sensation of “pain.” The tape is helping the body interpret pain in a lesser volume.

Reduce Inflammation

The tape can also help reduce swelling and inflammation by the “lifting” affect of the many layers under the skin therefore allowing the byproducts created by inflammation to remove themselves more quickly.

For more information on RockTape watch this video!